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Thursday, September 27, 2012

its been almost a year..

So i totally forgot I had a blog.. My sister kept reminding me about it. i haven't posted on here in almost a year ..gees. that is bad, but I am here now so let me show you guys what I have been up to.

I have some pics of the lovely cookies I made. recently started to get into cookie decorating. I am OK.. I try to get better, it take lots of practice. I love it though, and I love baking. I have made all kinds of cookie characters. It is fun, but can be frustrating at time.. when your hand wont stay still enough to get a line straight..well here are a few examples of the cookies I have made...I also made a few cake in the last year but i don't have pics of all..i will try to put as many pics as I can find..

I made some Dog and Cat cookies, come Super Mario cookies, sponge bob, Team umizoomi, etc.. and a few cakes... i think the one that causes me the most stress are the cakes..simply because i feel that with the cookies and the royal icing you can always fix whatever you messed up. That is why I bake 5 extra cookies per order. Just in case i make a mistake i can work on another cookie..but with a cake ya only get one chance!..

 Oh yeah I almost forgot  I made my friends Wedding Cake.. it was a 9 inch cake at the top and cupcakes tiers.. She loved it!