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Thursday, September 27, 2012

its been almost a year..

So i totally forgot I had a blog.. My sister kept reminding me about it. i haven't posted on here in almost a year ..gees. that is bad, but I am here now so let me show you guys what I have been up to.

I have some pics of the lovely cookies I made. recently started to get into cookie decorating. I am OK.. I try to get better, it take lots of practice. I love it though, and I love baking. I have made all kinds of cookie characters. It is fun, but can be frustrating at time.. when your hand wont stay still enough to get a line straight..well here are a few examples of the cookies I have made...I also made a few cake in the last year but i don't have pics of all..i will try to put as many pics as I can find..

I made some Dog and Cat cookies, come Super Mario cookies, sponge bob, Team umizoomi, etc.. and a few cakes... i think the one that causes me the most stress are the cakes..simply because i feel that with the cookies and the royal icing you can always fix whatever you messed up. That is why I bake 5 extra cookies per order. Just in case i make a mistake i can work on another cookie..but with a cake ya only get one chance!..

 Oh yeah I almost forgot  I made my friends Wedding Cake.. it was a 9 inch cake at the top and cupcakes tiers.. She loved it!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I made a meringue..

Hey everyone out there..guess what? well I wanted to try something I got a recipe from Carla Hall from ABC's The Chew..great show by the way..well she made a chocolate Meringue Pie..Now normally I am NOT a fan Of meringue, but I thought to myself why not try it and see if I may change my mind..well I make it it didnt take long to make at all.

Well it came out great, but Like I said I am NOT a fan of the taste of meringue. I whipped it in the Kitchen Aid Mixer then spread it ontop, then let it get browned in the oven..let the pie cool in the fridge..and that was all.

check out the pic!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Its been along time...

Ok so i know it has been forever but i have some pics of some baking that I have done..not all of it but some..

I made a tiered cake and some cake pops and cookies..check it out!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I know i have been missing for a while..just been a bit busy..but tomorrow i will be back on the grind to show you some new bakes!! I have some new recipes i wanted to try out..and my neighbor wants me to make some cupcakes for her daughter birthday party...that should be fun..i love girly colors on cakes!!! anyways will have pics up tomorrow for some new recipe...hollerrrrrrrrr

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cammo Cake

Sorry for the delay, I have been busy but I do have pics of the cake that I promised I would post. so remember a few weeks back I had a customer that wanted a Cammo cake for a solider comming back from deployment. Well, i made the cake, it turned out really good! take a look at the pics and let me know what you think..

I also made a few other things as well, just gotten into making Cake Balls..they are addicting..

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Cammo Practice Cake

So a few days ago I told you all about a cake I had comming up for a customer..she wanted a Welcome HOme cake for a solider that was comming home from deployment..Well, I gave her the idea that the cake should be Camoflauge (did i spell that right?) anyways, she liked the idea. But I have NEVER done a Cammo Cake i had to practice.. And I did, I made a practice cake..I made a Yellow Cake with bright colored cammo pattern

So, today I am making the real cake for the customer, Hope it turns out great, I am sure it will..I will take pics of the final cake and post pics soon, but in the meantime let me know what you think of this practice cake!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

hey all..

For the past few weeks I have been a little busy..but here I am again with some more of my baking adventures to share with you all..

So I was posting on a website to get some customers, and someone asked me if I knew how to make Black Tie Mousse Cake, the one from The Olive Garden..Well I had no clue what they were talking about but I didnt want that person to know, so I wne tot the internetand looked up the recipe with some deep serching I found it..It took me about 4 hours plus to make the cake with the four layer but it was really tasty and came out great!

I also made a Peanut butter Pie for a customer this past sunday..i made it with the Graham Cracker Crsut a layer of Milk Chocolate and then the peanutbutter cream cheese mix on top w/ a sprinkle of chocolate chips! came out great..

Ok and right now as I type I am making a practice cake..Let me explain..I have a cake for a customer due on saturday, she wants to have a Welcome Home cake for a soilder comming back from deployment.I told her I would do some Cammo design on the cake for her..Well I have never done that! So why did I volunteer to do it you ask..cause I think I can do anything if I watch enough tutorials..LOL

I am sure I will be fine..I will make sure I take plenty of pics for you all to see how this practice cak come out also. the one on saturday as well..

happy Baking