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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

what should I make today??

Hey you guys what should i make today..i dont have any orders today but i like to practice to get my cake decorating skills im thinking..what should i make..maybe a chcolate cake..maybe chcolate cupcakes..and pracitce my buttercream roses! ok whatever i decide to make i will post for you guys and show you from beginning to end...

is anyone there? .:)

Ok it is 11pm and i decided not to bake but i watched a bunch of baking videos..decorating videos and videos about i decided to practice some designs..i need work but it ok i just have to keep practicing I had a few good roses but i threw them out before i took a pic of it..
so when i practice i usually practice on a huge piece of construction paper or my flower nail, but that just for my roses..

ok well this is it for today..see ya tomorrow..and let me know what you think of it...anyone?!
**and i might have a cake order for saturday, she wants a spa theme, i proposed a beachy cake..i will let you know what happens with that!!

Stay Tuned...

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